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19 Best living room decor ideas

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What do we have in mind when we first visit our place? Of course it is not about the way we welcome, or the variety of treats we serve them. But more than that, it is the first place where the first time the guest welcomes and serves them.

The saying goes, guests are kings, it’s fitting for us to treat them with a heartfelt welcome. Not only are the attitudes and behaviors of our honor are important to them, the existence of the room where we serve is very influential on the impression or not someone when visiting our home.

Size is not a problem, but the interior design and creativity power we should be careful how to make use of every corner and the walls of the room in our house to make it look more comfortable and certainly make a home.

The living room design located in the corner of the room is a perfect example of how to implement ideas for a space that has a small size. Blending colors becomes something very significant and changes the atmosphere of a living room like this. Purple, beige, and white can create a comfortable atmosphere, or you can set your own blend of colors into your passion.

No need to worry about furniture; one sofa, a chair and two tables and a lamp in the corner is enough to make our small living room look kece and comfortable.

Simple arrangement with many colors and photo / fresco display, able to give the impression of spirit and does not reduce the impression beautiful.

Multifunctional living room design, can be used also as a family room. It strongly reflects the present. Give the impression of a modern but minimalist.

Not only used to function as a living room as well as family room, but with carefulness and creativity, our living room can simultaneously as a work space. So that not only family guests or neighbors, but the guest of the office will be impressed with interior design like this.

The basic idea of ​​a living room like this is really space utilization. Mini apartments that are not too large do not mean that they cannot have a special room for guests. Adjacent to the bedroom, a living room like this is very memorable for those who come or visit.

That’s some interesting picture how to conjure a small living room but has a maximum function. Again, size does not matter, but creativity and imagination are the main points.

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