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1960 Simple Modern Home designed by Warc Studio

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Here are Warc Studio projects capture the essence of mid-century modern aesthetic, it looks positively modern and cool called Lean-To House. Built in the Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh, Australia.

In this instance, the modern extension is light with a timber and white paint walls. The laminated timber fins are constructed from arsenic free H3. Simple tasteful extension facade gets its dynamic from laminated timber fins. While the original building boasts brick walls and black tile roof which minimizes heat gain in summer.

The area inside was modified to create a central services spaces which refurbished including a laundry, study, and bathroom. Modern dining area is right next to the kitchen. Kitchen has a window backsplash and occupies just one side of the extension. A living room is just opposite side of kitchen. Transitional space with a storage-friendly seat. A small sliding barn door hides a window to another room. The living room window opens to the home office. Simple modernist bath looks almost Scandinavian. An adjoined wooden terrace creates outdoor lounge space next to a green lawn. The wooden slat fence features a built-in bench.

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