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8 Amazing architecture train stations

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Stations usually just a place to wait or a while transit when ride the train. But different with  the following eight stations. Creative and history belong architect makes a lovely touch. Did not think the station turned into an entertainment venue. In fact, no passengers wanted to get away from the station as enjoy the beauty of travel around.

Based in Japan, the architecture at this station called Tsuzumi Gate. Wooden play structure designed to resemble Tsuzumi, which is a traditional Japanese drum. Some events are also typically held in this place, other than that this station provides tourist information center.

Antwerp Central called the Flemish city. Antwerp Central station is regarded as the most beautiful in the world. Designed by a famous architect from Belgium, Louis Delacenserie that combines the style of Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau to make buildings look impressive to the explorers.

The station serves the commuter trains and regional trains for track Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia and other Spanish cities. The old station has a vaulted ceiling and glass that give the impression of natural light. Around the Atocha station there are cafes and shops that pamper the passengers inside.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was one of the best examples in the world of Victorian Gothic Revival architect. Based in Mumbai, this station is the busiest station in India with 18 platforms, seven for local and 11 to train with long distances. This station Originally called Victoria Terminus. Later the name was changed in 1996 to Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Berlin is also commonly known as the Berlin Main Station. Is still relatively young, this station was established in 2006. However, its history began in 1870 when it was known as Lehrte station. When destroyed in World War II, the station Lehrte be of limited use. The most visible characters Hauptbahnhof station is a curved glass roof, which is nearly 400 feet long.

Based in Washington D.C., Union Station became the busiest station in the United States. More than five million people visited the station each year. Even before the time of World War II, about 200,000 people use Union platform per day. This station design is inspired by the ancient Roman architect.

The station was originally named London’s St. Pancra, then changed into St. Pancras International. The station is considered as one example of Victorian architect in London. St. Pancras International spent $ 1.2 billion dollars. After the renovation, the station can accommodate high-speed trains Euristar connected with England.

Naples is home to the subway system with a creative flair. Station Toledo is known for spectacular shopping center. The station has ornate mosaics and works of visual artist Robert Wilson. Dubbed Panel Light, installation Wilson brings brightness to the lowest part of the station.

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