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Apartment decorating ideas by Maya Sheinberger in B Apartment

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Maya Sheinberger is an interior designer, one of her projects is in an apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel. B Apartment is one of the projects completed in 2018.

The interior design concept of B Apartment when viewed from the result of her work, using the concept of luxury and modern. Interior design in limited space such as apartments is not easy, because we must maximize the design without filled the room.

In the kitchen, Maya Sheinberger uses modern minimalist kitchen concept. Kitchen utensils are placed appropriately and still have free space.

The design of the dining room was made as minimal as possible to save space. The dining room becomes one room with a kitchen with no wall barrier.

For the child’s bedroom is made as minimal as possible but not separated from the modern concept. For the bed is made two-storey. In the main bedroom, has more space. Bathroom design was very minimalist.

It appears that the main room has a larger place. Equipped with a variety of furniture. And there is a glass window function to see the city views.

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