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Best Red and White living room set

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The red color has a very strong attraction in large quantities. Can easily be an extraordinary contrast. Red is often avoided in decorating home interiors such as living rooms. If used in the right proportion and balanced with other color combinations, the red color can actually be a very cheerful and elegant color. So let’s look at some space decorating inspiration in red.

Red paint wall is a choice that has the impression of being very brave and firm. But you have to be careful about this because it’s easy to overdo it. If you paint the whole house wall in red, then the rest of the decoration must remain neutral. To make the atmosphere somewhat less contrasting and flashy, maybe one red accent wall will be a better choice.

How is the open floor plan related to the red paint wall. The color matches the space especially when combined with all beige colors. Dark colors are a great way to reduce certain areas with a balance of furniture selection.

It will look a little different if the red is used as an accent to the wall without actually painting it. For example, if you have a recessed niche in the room to read you can have the part painted red while the rest of the wall is neutral and less striking.

Red is a color that adapts well to many different styles. Modern and contemporary interiors may look great with some red accents as a focus. The right way to add a touch of color to a room is to use carpet or cushion accents.

Furniture Selection and Arrangement is a perfect way to introduce colors to a room. For example, a sofa, coffee table or a set of chairs is a good choice. When the rest of the decoration is simple and neutral, these elements will stand out.

Yes, neutral is not the only option that can be done. Red is quite useful and can be paired with many different colors. Blue is one of them, although the combination may seem surprising and strange at first, considering that the right color tone can really look very attractive.

You can choose the pastel red color that is dim as the color of the room and combine it with other similar colors to make it look cohesive and harmonious.

Use red as your accent and combine it with prints and patterns. This is a combo that works well when you want to use color to create a focal point in the room. One or two accent pillows and maybe suitable furniture or lighting equipment can be a great combo.

If you like dramatic character colors, then you can emphasize it through accent lighting. A long red curtain or wall of accents with the spotlights directed at him can be the focal point of a room. Red has theatrical properties and you can definitely use it to your advantage.

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