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Black Desert House Design Inspirations by Oller & Pejic Architecture

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Black House protects like a cave and provides a private desert view of some of the most picturesque natural landscapes located in southeastern California. At first, it impossible to integrate a residence this intriguing landscape without compromising this exquisite scenery. However, the architects at Oller & Pejic were up to the challenge, created black house be livable home with all the amenities of a typical contemporary retreat.

Exterior, completely dissolves into the surrounding darkness. Black walls are used to contrast the harsh desert sun and draw attention. With the dark color becomes an almost cave-like element of the scenery. A swimming pool forms a desert oasis in the distance.

Interior lighting of the house muted by black walls, so adds to the primordial cave-like feeling. The living room is recessed into hillside with a solid earthen wall. There are the three bedroom, two bath space is U-shaped, the sunken livingroom, a covered patio off of the kitchen. The furnishings are eclectic and contemporary, like the faceted Konstantin Grcic bar stools and the Ingo Maurer chandelier in the dining room.

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