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Cave House designed by Andres Moreno and Manuel Murillo from UMMO Estudio

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Ummo Estudio have designed a new spatial experience that manages to value the tectonic nature of the area through the use of new architectural elements. Called Cave House, stands with the area of 104 square meters located in Villarrubia (Córdoba), Spain.

That is ideas from expert architect Andres Moreno and Manuel Murillo, Change the caves that traditionally have been used for farming and livestock be modern house with an open layout, bright kitchen, and beautiful bathroom.

Concrete and marble flooring adds modern interior décor to the house. Equipped with elegant living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas. The perfectly white exterior stands out from the rock both in terms of volume and colour, while modern materials such as concrete and aluminum have been used throughout as if only to accentuate the time-gap between the carved rock and its new addition. Although the house’s openings are very small, the house is always beautifully lit. Moreover, wooden furniture and soft fabrics have been introduced to add warmth and a touch of local character to the interior.

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