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Colonial Hotel Architecture designed by Silvia Tcherassi in Cartagena, Colombia

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Maybe you want visit Cartagena city in Colombia for spending your holiday. But, you don’t know where you must stay ?Here are Hotel can you to while stay, the TCHERASSI Hotel is a hotel with classic colonial design  located in the Old City of Cartagena, Colombia.

Originally was a house that was renovated into a hotel. Thanks to expertise from Silvia Tcherassi a world-famous fashion designer, the house can be converted into a colonial hotel style. It took a two-year renovation to change the 250-year-old mansion into a hotel. The hotel has around two courtyards and two swimming pool on the roof deck (top roof).

Uniquely designed work of art, White is the predominant color in the in the public areas like walls, floors, etc; color makes almost magical appearances. At random settings you might see a red rose in a clear glass vase and the iron door that separates the outside world from the life within is plated in gold. The most obvious aspect of color comes through on an entire wall of the hotel, extending into both courtyards. It is dominated by a vibrant, green vertical garden that stands three floors high and is filled with 3000 regional plants.

To  the hotel comforts, there are luxuries such as free WiFi and rainfall showers. Each room makes use of the original stone walls, plus high ceilings, and wood floors. Out balconies you get a free Wi-fi, LCD TVs, and iPod docking stations.

Aquabar is a seductive spot to grab an evening cocktail before heading down to the hotel’s phenomenal restaurant, Vera. Overseen by chef Andrés Hoyos, the restaurant occupies much of the open-air Gran Salon and serves a menu of fresh, coastal Italian dishes. Sybarites can lounge out in the hotel’s sweet, two-room spa, or find a different sort of relaxation on the hotel’s roof deck, with daybeds and panoramic views of the city and Caribbean Sea.

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