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Contemporary 19th Century Berlin House designed by asdfg Architekten

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To renovation, the facade to look like the home’s original 1844 depiction, asdfg Architekten reshaped the inner workings of the building and keeping only one interior wall. Original walls and ceiling seem left intact.

A sliding pocket door opens up to a home office. Home office surrounded with storage. The bedrooms separated with sliding doors. The house has an open layout for the main room with a hallway leading the kitchen, spacious dining area looks grand and living area adjoins it. In the kitchen, Long lower cabinets replace the conventional kitchen design. Kids room has openly of clever storage built into it like staircase storage, library wall, and all types of storage.

Unusual lighting makes for perfect accents in the busy brick-walled interiors of the majority of rooms, creating the atmosphere of history and heritage. Light wood steps go well with pink brick. Interesting lights are a great part of the decor. Skylight in the shower makes for an outdoorsy feel. Daylight changes the color of tile a bit.

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