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Contemporary House Design Inspiration designed by MRTN Architects

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Called “House Under Eaves” located in a new neighborhood not far from Auckland. Designed by MRTN Architects, first built on the flat site and with no neighbors yet.  Surrounded medium height fence, hides its residents from all sides. the home looks to be a simple style residence with a concrete wall that shields the front door.

From the street the exterior house at first glance is clad in grey wood siding contrasts with darker cladding and roof and black steel window frames. The roof protects from heavy downpours are common. From the interior the black eaves frame the landscape views and enhance the appearance of the surrounding greenery. Gravel mixed with putting green surrounds the House Under Eaves. Used Wooden planters are keeping weeds contained but also at the level with the windows.

The House is actually a split gable with two sections – the front half, which is the garage, entrance, and guest bedrooms, and the rear half, which houses the living areas and the homeowners’ bedroom. The two halves are connected via a glass enclosed hallway at the highest roof point. White plastered walls balance it out, creating a more modern look. Tiles in the bath and kitchen add a different interesting element to the interior. Numerous seats take advantage of huge square windows. the house decorating seems pretty minimal, yet wood texture and natural lighting do a great job giving it plenty of detail.

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