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Exotic Flower arrangements for living room table

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Adding a lively look to the living room to make it look warm and pleasant just by using flowers placed on the guest table, the effect will be extraordinary. The living room looks very nice looking only with a perfect flower arrangement on the table. There is no need to spend a lot of money to pay flower sellers for complicated flower arrangements. You can do it yourself by trying to make a very simple flower arrangement.

To celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, you can use a special bowl, glass or vase that looks like a pumpkin. Then try to find various types of flowers that have an orange color. Even if you want a more romantic atmosphere, you can add two red roses and the effect will be amazing.

The room is full of colors and furniture, it is recommended to use a very simple setting. You can buy a bunch of white roses and then cut them as long and put them in a small vase on the guest table, or try cutting them in different lengths and placing shorter flowers at the base of the arrangement and the higher ones standing in the middle. Then fill the rest of the settings with medium-sized flowers and the settings will be perfect. For a spectacular effect, you can try adding some flowers that have the same color as the color in the room – for blue-walled rooms add some violet in a white bouquet or for a pink room some pink roses. But make sure you spread it and don’t put it together.

White has any combination because it is neutral. There is no need to use a special vase, but you can use a glass or bowl that can hold flowers with water. The focus is on the flower, not on the vase. If it’s transparent you can add a few colored stones at the bottom of the bowl or glass.

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