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Furniture Placement for Living Room Decoration by Avram Rusu Interiors

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The following is a living room design idea with various furniture coming from Andreea Avram Rusu. The living room is very comfortable and very cool if the arrangement and placement of furniture is right. With the right arrangement makes life comfortable but in style. Today, modern living space has become a necessity and if you choose the right furniture all will look attractive and beautiful.

The selection of furniture for a modern display design can produce the best and different nuances. The living room must be a pleasant and inviting space, where you can spend time with family or boyfriend, chatting, talking, making out or otherwise enjoying togetherness with each other. It must be comfortable, but not boring or very quiet because this is what will look like a bedroom. The living room must be a little more dynamic and fun.

Here are some very good examples of how you can achieve it without much effort. You only need to choose the right furniture. For example, a unique desk chair, sofa according to the color of the wall paint room, furniture with several color mixes that are in harmony with space. The shape is uniform and fun.

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