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Home Renovation designed by Rara Architecture

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This residence located in Melbourne, Australia. Previously, it’s simplistic old home which are less attractive to be occupied. But, Thanks to the experienced architect like Rara Architecture; this home be comfortable place to live.

Reinstate the old home’s glory through a modest extension that meets the highest standards, not easy. Really hard to getting an exceptional work of architecture and not something easy to explore some challenging design ideas. So we decided to make a truly beautiful space that simply and perfectly and suited for a family.

Visually both internally and externally – the old floorboards transition to a new polished concrete slab, the old weatherboards transition to a perforated brick wall, and a solid brick wall. The front half is a fully refurbished double fronted weatherboard Edwardian with a calm grey palette. The open plan living and dining areas. Using Cemintel Barestone for the 1st floor extension cladding as something substantial while also low maintenance and cost effective.

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