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Interior Decoration by ASD Interiors in Lake Hollywood House

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The residence is located in Hollywood Hills has a luxurious and majestic building design. One of the home developers, ASD Interiors participated in the design of luxury interior in one of the residence in Lake Hollywood.

Regarding interior design, ASD Interiors combines modern design to electric but looks amazing. The selection of furniture is noticed by the developers.

In the interior design of the kitchen, ASD interiors use modern kitchen concepts with luxurious furniture and appliances. There is the addition of a small dining room into one room with a kitchen. For the main dining room is made separate with the kitchen with modern concept but looks simple.

In the workroom is made minimalist with dominating the modern and simple concept. Archive storage space is added at home office. Some office walls use glass in order to see the atmosphere in the house.

The main bedroom was made as simple as possible but looks luxurious with a cozy atmosphere. For the main room, blend modern concept and complete with various furniture and Television.

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