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Modern contemporary house by Bon Ton – Moscow Residence

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Bon-ton is a home architect located in Krasnodar, Russia. One project that has been done is a house located in Moscow, Russia. The design concept of contemporary home is a hallmark of occupancy in Russia.

This luxury house, when viewed from the exterior to the interior is very attached to the contemporary style. The front of the house there are two swimming pools namely adult pool and children pool. Equipped with lounge chairs to enjoy the surrounding natural scenery.

Outdoor walls combine two types of plaster and without plaster. In the interior of the house, a contemporary feel is felt especially in the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings. The inside walls of the house are plastered using natural stone. On the floor are plastered old wood motive. While the ceiling of the house did not escape from the touch of old wood motive.

For home furniture, most use old wood motive. If you look deeper, there is a part of the house wall is plastered with marble stone. It is a separate pride for homeowners.

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