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Modern living room decor with pink wall and pink furniture

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Every girl who wants to make love must use pink to look sexy and increase sexual desire. Maybe it’s true for women, but not recommended for men. Girls who are crazy about pink, all the objects around them must have pink scratches like the living room wall.

Some teenage girls want their room or even the living room decorated in pink. Even when they grow up and grow up, they still have a few memories and design their living room pink. I don’t think it’s always bad, as long as they have limits and balance and don’t exaggerate.

Don’t get too much pink in the room because it can be sickening. You better combine with other colors such as white, the effect will be much more tasteful. You will have a well-designed and fashionable living room. But if you choose pink, everything from the color of the chair and curtains to the color of the flowers and pillows and furniture – the result is a disaster.

Furniture like a sofa that is well designed and good can be the perfect combination of pink and white. Even if you have a flower pattern it is not monotonous. Though it is not too full of patterns and models. Simple design expresses good taste.

And it also keeps it pale, especially when it comes to the wall. The living room is not a bedroom. You do not paint the walls with any color. Here you have to let everyone at home feel good and comfortable. So a very bright pink color is a good idea, especially combined with white curtains and maybe some light brown furniture and carpets. If you are a bolder person or a more passionate girl, show by adding some simple details like two clear pink pillows.

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