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Renovate Sawmill House with Modern Stylish by Archier

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This is a renovation of a sawmill into a stylish modern home.  Located on a hill of Yackandandah, Australia. This design/build concept allowed us to move away from conventional solutions and investigate highly bespoke yet cost effective alternatives. It is hoped these concepts creates a house that contributes to a surrounding concrete reuse.

Utilization of recycled of the reclaimed concrete blocks is an experiment in harnessing the thousands of tons of concrete waste. Each block is a by-product of excess concrete left in trucks from one or more projects in the region, poured into rough steel troughs. Each of the concrete blocks that form the perimeter of the dwelling’s walls. Comprised of 270 one-tonne concrete blocks, the project explores the possibility of positively leveraging the thousands of tons of waste concrete that go to waste each year in the building industry.

The house using maximize lighting penetration by rolling back a 14-metre section of openable roof over the deck, allowing the sun to passively heat the dwelling for most of the year. The entire interior uses wood as the base material. The dining room and kitchen are wide open. There is no dividing wall between the dining room and the kitchen with the bedroom. There is a small office beside the bedroom.

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