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Skirting Boards Casa IAN by Stefano Pasquali

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Casa IAN is a project skirting boards for home and apartment interior developed by Stefano Pasquali – located in Trento, Italy. Main element is skirting boards has a modified the dimensions and shapes. Can be formed into drawers, vases,pots, and lamp place.

Skirting boards can be creating a unity aspect throughout the living area. An inner line of longitudinous gray across the room, being mobile for TV and at the same time a console from the dining room. Then this changes, no longer moves but the table, we rotate the view and see it, that’s it, the same end result, the same color that guides our eyes and eyes, makes us turn the head 180 degrees until we stop on the big bookshelf also in the oak gray.

The first horizontal black line joins the two spaces: the dining room / living room, then this turns into a table and is now vertical and shows the resting point of the library.

Finally, the open space design involves insertion of the ship from the depths contained in order to ensure maximum use of the terrace but at the same time to create a fragrant fence with different heights that ensures proper privacy for the living room.

For more information about Casa IAN, please visit Stefano Pasquali.

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