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Tips and Tricks arrange furniture in living room

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The way to arrange furniture in the house is easy, especially in the living room. However, it takes a decorating experience to spread various furniture randomly in the living room to get a good impression. The balanced living room decor is friendly, comfortable and fun.

The first thing to note in arranging furniture in the living room is to avoid covering the electrical plugs on the wall with furniture. If you do that it will only make things more complicated, because you will not have easy access to the power jack and you have to use a roller cable that can be extended and in this way you increase the risk of danger and not neat.

The second thing that needs to be considered is to spread the furniture evenly in all parts / corners of the living room. Avoid placing all furniture in one place, for example one side of the room or near the same wall, because it will give a monotonous and boring impression.

The living room is a place to socialize, talk with friends, so don’t put chairs and sofas leaning against the wall and away from each other. Because it will make the conversation impossible. SO make sure you make a conversation area like a sofa and two chairs placed around the coffee table. It’s better if in the living room has one LED TV Stand, so as to create a non-boring atmosphere.

Consider the dimensions of the room when arranging furniture because you cannot use too much furniture when the room is smaller or will look very crowded. Give enough space for traffic, at least 20-24 inches. Minimalist style in decorating the living room is in great demand.

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