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Upside House Designed by a Polish businessman and philanthropist

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The upside house is a project developed by a Polish businessman and philanthropist, named Daniel Czapiwski. The wooden upside house was built in 2007 in a small village called Szymbark Village, Poland.

Czapiewski company usually takes three weeks to build a house. But to build this house takes 114 days, 10 times longer than when building a normal house, because the workers claimed to have dizziness and ter-disorientation of the strange angles of the walls of the house.

The museum was opened in 2008, designed from outside the exterior side upside down and slightly tilted, with the roof is under the floor and the foundation is at the top, as well as the interior, all designed upside down, complete the following equipment and furniture in it.

Because of the strangeness, many visitors who come. Actually this house was built as a form of protest over the prevailing system of communism. Visitors must climb into the house through one of the attic windows, but once inside, they can stroll past the house on the ceiling. The interior is decorated with furniture since the 1970s, when Poland was under Communist rule.

There was even an old television that sparked vintage propaganda. After only a few minutes are in the structure of the house. Many tourists who complain of light seasickness and dizziness.

Beside Szymbark, the home is reversed also found in a number of other areas in Poland,such as in Zakopane.

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